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An All-Star Team to Make Yom Tov Shine

Heshy Goldstein
- Host

Heshy Goldstein of Deluxe retreats has run hotel programs and kosher tours around the world for over seven years.  He stops at nothing to procure the best of everything for his guests.

Seven years ago, Heshy Goldstein decided to follow his passion for great music, great entertainment, and vibrant gatherings, and left a successful career in marketing to pursue full time event planning and hosting. He began small, with a band and a Chanukah program, and it’s been onward and upward ever since!  With every event, he strives to up his game and offer the finest experience money can buy. Today, through Deluxe Retreats, Heshy hosts Pesach programs, Shabbos Nachamu and Shabbos Hagadol programs, private Shabbosim, banquets and other events.  His attention to detail, insistence on top quality, and dedication to guests has garnered him unfailing customer loyalty.Heshy’s guests know they can always count on him to provide them with terrific food, great music, and fabulous programming. They know he’ll treat every guest like family, making sure their every need is met promptly and efficiently, and always with his trademark huge smile.

Rabbi Yanky Lefkovitz

Get ready this Shavuos for a full day of programming each day with our Director Rabbi Yanky Lefkovitz!

R' Yanky, the Director of Development at the Talmudical Academy of Baltimore throughout the year, has been involved with Getaway programs for the past 20 years. He looks forward to creating a yom tov experience that will be enjoyable for each and every one of our guests.  “I will be with you from the earliest minyan till late at night, keeping you entertained,” he says.  

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