The Roths live in Waterbury, Connecticut with their daughter, Mali, and are closely connected with Rabbi Kalish’s Yeshiva. Shua was a talmud of Rabbi Daniel Kalish throughout High School and continued to be involved after High School as a dorm counselor/sports director. While he was doing this, he met Shira and they got married and moved to Waterbury, where Shua continues to learn in Rabbi Kalish’s Yeshiva.

Shua has spent many years involved in organizing activities through Yeshiva and camp to provide a fun time for everyone. He has a lively, enigmatic attitude that draws people to him and guarantees a smile.

Shira has always enjoyed spending time with kids, whether through babysitting or camp, playgroups or teaching, she has a cheerful disposition and loving demeanor that she portrays for all.

Uri Davidi
Shadchan Michelle Mond