Mrs. Michelle Mond is an experienced shadchan who caters to the  yeshivish/modern-machmir community. Raised in Baltimore, she is a devoted shadchan for singles all over the world.  She has matched up couples literally from opposite ends of the earth, from Australia to Israel to North America coast to coast. She works for the Shidduch Center of Baltimore (, which is devoted to Baltimore/Ner Yisroel singles as well as singles worldwide, and boasts a vast network of contacts. Mrs. Mond has also been matzliach as a shadchan through the Saw You at Sinai site, and is a part of the extensive Adopt-A-Shadchan network.

Since she facilitated her first shidduch in 2008, Mrs. Mond has matched, coached, and mentored many singles through the process of dating and developing a relationship, helping them navigate the hurdles that often arise along the way. Mrs. Mond is also a writer and regular contributor to multiple Jewish magazines, including Ami and the Jewish Press, and is a weekly panelist on the syndicated “Navidaters” column in The Jewish Home magazine, which addresses thorny shidduch-related issues.

Mrs. Mond has successfully matched a very wide range of happy couples, all of whom greatly appreciate her individual-based, non-judgmental, patient, easygoing approach to shidduchim.  She’s looking forward to meeting the singles who are lucky enough to join us this Pesach!

Shua & Shira Roth – Teen Program Directors
Shadchan Leorah Elin