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Chazan Sruli Twersky

will be spending Yom Tov with us!  

Art by Ozi

I’m always  trying to tell deep Emotional stories through art. Every person has their unique challenges aspirations and hopes. That is why each person connects with different artworks based on their personal experiences. Art is more than just a beautiful painting it connects with a deep feeling within us.I had Multiple paint things that I sell before they’re even dry, somebody sees it and they want it other paintings can wait two years and then somebody sees it and they fall in love. It’s a very Personal thing.

Exciting Activities

24 Hour Tea Room

Deluxe Grand Kiddush

Daily Daf Yomi Shiur

Yom Tov Daycamp

Day camp performances on Yom Tov by our talented daycampers

Adopt a Shadchan

Erev Yom Tov Activities
for guests of all ages

Pre YT paint project with the world famous

Make a beautiful Yom Tov themed canvas

Separate swimming hours for men and women

Outdoor basketball and bounce house and obstacle course